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What is the Concept?

Tidy Specimen is a gentle, quick, more sanitary, humane & cost effective method of collecting urine samples.

Patent Confirmation Number 5746 US/International 61/965,554.  NONPROVISIONAL

PATENT NO. 29/474,720  No drips, runs or errors.  Stress free like a walk on the beach!

Providing a urine sample at a doctor’s office, gynecologist, fertility clinic, oncologist, employment, military enlistment,probation, parole, jail or prison can be an uninviting, unpleasant and down right traumatic experience. Calm Panic Buttons Show Stressed Or Relaxation

First, despite the best efforts of all involved, the restroom facility and commode may not be very clean.  The patient has to have greater manual dexterity than an athlete or a dui test-taker to master catching the stream of urine while holding the cup, a dress bottom, skirt, ankle bound pants or slacks, shirt or blouse.  Urine inevitably splatters on your hands and clothing.  It can be messy and humiliating to say the least.

Men may have embarrassing damp stains on the front of their clothing, and both men and women often need to change or cover a portion of their clothing afterward. One hot day or furnace blowing during a cold season and you may become embarrassingly odiferous while waiting for the results or the physician.Invisible man concept

peopleTesting is especially annoying

For men dealing with low testosterone or possibly prostrate or testicular cancers.

It is also a fretful challenge for women with ‘special conditions,’ like endometriosis, fibroids, infertility, bladder problems, and dysmenorrhea, which all require frequent visits to doctors.

Having to look forward to this unpleasant experience and having your day’s activities delayed by the possibility of  having to change your clothing, causing unanticipated schedule adjustments, make providing frequent specimens very inconvenient for busy professionals.

Being a creative problem solver who has unsuccessfully attempted to master this arena since her preteens, Bishop Dr. Cynthia King Bolden Gardner, J.D., D.Div., now age 59, has designed a device, which will make this task easier, quicker and more sanitary. After 46 years struggling with the issues, she knows all medical patients, both men and women, who are faced with the urine sample dilemma, will applaud the effort and appreciate using this new device.

The inventor is quite passionate about this concept and believes that it deserves immediate attention.  In light of the great market that exists for such a concept, she wholeheartedly believes in the positive impact its development and production will have on individuals and the market(s) in which it will be promoted.Blank business diagram with lots of room

How Does it Work?

Dr. Gardner has been designing and documenting this concept for quite some time.  She has several “mock-up” drawings of the invention, which have provided the inventor with a sense of how the concept will appear once brought into production.  This is beneficial for making any necessary modifications and revisions; thus promoting a more satisfactory and overall accommodating product.

As currently designed in the technical drawings and 3-D models, the invention has unique features not presently available in the marketplace.  Tidy Specimen has been professionally assessed with a partially engeneered schematic, mold and projected cost per unit as presently constituted.  The inventor has paused at this juncture to allow prospective collaborators, purchasers or licensees to adapt to suit thier particular needs.  An explanation of possible functionality is as follows:

The Tidy Specimen is a revolutionary new way to collect urine samples without the hassle.  It is designed to eliminate the anxiety of anticipating the test, and the unpleasantness of using unsanitary facilities, while having the urine splash on one’s hands and clothes.Many Hands raise high up  This disposable funnel fits over the top of specimen cups, making it easier and faster for both men and women to collect urine in the traditional small cups. Retaining the traditional cup is an additional cost  saving measure.

The funnel may be detachable from the cup, a screw in attachment, affixed to the seat by a clamp for the disabled or attached by stretch lace for women’s high end boutique clinics.

There is a rubberized, almost gelatinous, lip around the top of the funnel. The funnel is curved gently so it will fit comfortably when pressed against your pelvis.  The funnel allows the urine to flow into the cup through a hole in the cap and not splash back onto the user’s hands or clothing.Pretty Girl With Her Shoes Off It precludes splatter on shoes, the toilet seat and the floor, making the space more sanitary for the next user.

There are anticipated finger grooves between the high end on the front and the ridge in the middle to facilitate gripping.  Elasticized/stretchable straps, which wrap around a person’s thighs, can be attached to notches manufactured on each side so it does not have to be hand-held while in use.

It can also be attached to a clip on the toilet, so those who are infirm or disabled do not have to hold it, can be readily assisted without humiliation and splatter and are able to sit on the toilet seat if that is easier for them.

The funnel is transparent and will be available in different colors to differentiate sizes.  It will be available in small, medium, large, and super to accommodate preteens, young women, mothers and the more matronly or stout .  The same versions can be used by male patients as well. The colors will not only differentiate sizes but make it a cheerful first time experience for those taking such exams.

The product will be packed with fifty to one hundred disposable funnels in a single box, so they will not take up storage space in medical or other offices.

Specs Image 1 small




What Problem Does it Solve?

The unique features of this invention will provide the following benefits for all patients/clients:

  • Provides an easy, sanitary way to leave a urine sample
  • Tidy Specimen will be inexpensive and disposable thereby saving time and money for medical and lab professionals when users can expeditiously leave samples without needing to clean themselves, change clothing or leave a mess in the bathroom for the next patient/client
  • Disposable funnel and cap fit over the top of small specimen cups already utilized in doctors’ offices, clinics, medical labs, and other places where testing is done
  • Patients no longer have to squat or sit on a toilet when leaving a sample
  • Patients may stand erect, holding the Tidy Specimen in their hands
  • Tidy specimen can be attached to toilets for those who are unable to hold it by themselves
  • Tidy Specimen is lightweight, flexible, and comfortable to use
  • Will alleviate the stress of having to leave specimens and  patient worry about wardrobe malfunctions

Materials for Construction

Dr. Gardner anticipates the expense of  TIDY SPECIMEN as less than a pack of styrofoam or plastic coffee cups at an average store. However, the cost of materials and actual materials used will depend on the buyer/licensees preference.  An introductory retail price and sustaining price will be determined by the quantity manufactured, the actual cost of manufacturing, advertising methods used, and packaging materials employed by the buyer/licensee.  As particular models or sizes expand, the invention can be morphed or adjusted to suit the particular end purchaser’s needs.

Cup Image 2


Dr. Gardner envisions her product’s convenience appealing to all medical and lab or law enforcement  professionals and patients who must leave specimens.   Today’s society is always seeking better ways to make medical testing more pleasant for all patients, and this is precisely why this product has been developed.  Patients will no longer dread having to supply a specimen when it can be done quickly, simply and without splashing onto their clothing, shoes, hands or floors.

The markets are extensive for an innovative product like Tidy Specimen, as patients worldwide will appreciate the benefits and convenience of using this product.  This product will be available through medical supply companies in all medical offices, labs, clinics and other facilities where specimen testing is performed.

Dr. Gardner looks forward to doing business with you in the very near future adding to your client’s comfort and your bottom line profitability.

Non-provisional confirmation number 1683, Patent 29/474,720

Inventor Profile

Logo SmallBishop Cynthia King Bolden Gardner, J.D., D. Div. is a retired attorney. She is a dual graduate of Georgetown University--the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service in 1978 where she received numerous honors, including Alpha Sigma Nu, Pi Sigma Alpha and Phi Alpha Theta, graduating cum laude with a 3.74 of a possible 4.0, and the School of Law in 1981. Prior to retiring in 2005 due to injuries sustained in an accident, Bishop practiced law for 25 years at the United States Department of Justice Commercial Litigation Division, the Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy, the General Counsel's Office of the Tennessee Valley Authority, Jones, Day, Reavis & Pogue (Cleveland Office), Brown & Bain (Palo Alto), Child Counsel for the Erie County Office of the Public Defender and the San Diego Office of the Public Defender, felony litigation, where she was awarded Deputy of the Year 1999-2000. Bishop earnestly gives all of the glory to God. Recognizing His grace and mercy in her life, she readily dedicates her time to inner city youth, needy families and young lawyers who can call her at (601)780-0297. She was born and raised in Erie, Pa. and attributes the credit for her spiritual foundation to her late grandmother, Bigma, Mrs. Lela Mae James. Bigma taught her that 'Can't (a fictional person, who became real through our whining) never could help himself'. This left a profound impact upon her resulting in the permanent deletion of can't, no, impossible and related defeatist notions from her vocabulary. She now sits as the Chief Apostle of New Mercy Seat Ministries and Presiding Prelate of the Eastern Jurisdiction of the National Regeneration Fellowship of Christian churches.  She is an Amazon Best Selling Author in Religion, Counselling and Social Issues through her book Castaway Cradles.

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