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The first aspect of this website  is designed to open the door to speaking engagements such as revivals and graduations, while marketing  relevant inspirational material to the community as well as to assist clergy in  liturgical, seasonal and thematic sermon and/or program preparation.  Eagle Speaks daily to the heirs to the throne (KINGDOM SEED ISAIAH 59:21) not to lose sight but to SEEK YE FIRST THE KINGDOM (Matthew 6:33).  Depsite struggles, seemingly insurmountable obstacles,  exasperation we need to remember that we are ACCEPTED IN THE BELOVED (Ephesians 1:6-12) while we respect the Almighty's aversion to sin and must make it our own (CHRIST: THE PREEMINENT THRONE-Rev. 4).

To secure our footsteps on the journey there are Cakes, Crumbs & Crusts and Pomegranate Perfections, sermons on every conceivable topic, to encourage us!

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The second aspect of this website is legal.

Cynthia head shotBishop Gardner is a retired criminal lawyer with a wealth of knowledge and copyrighted publications on  topics such as controlling the courtroom, courtroom environmental hazards, client personalities and effective utilization of  other legal professionals skills, such as paralegals, clerks and investigators,  to accentuate client's positive traits, while barring or exposing the other sides efforts to exploit the negative before the jury.

Bishop Gardner's main goal is to market material to guide and mentor clergy and trial lawyers. Bishop Gardner is available for church event/conference planning, seminars, revivals, weddings, consultation, brainstorming, prayer, public speaking and preaching  (601) 780-0297.

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Eaglespeak is the vocalization of Divine Inspiration for Kingdom Seed (Isaiah 59:21) to realize its foreordained greatness via print and public speaking. The Eagle speaks inspiration to rise against injustice, mediocrity, lethargy, complacency, destructive habits, dead traditional doctrines, the oppression of women, especially female clergy, and directs the individual and the collective family to soar!


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