Tragedy provides opportunity for creativity in prevention. The Lord says when the enemy comes in 'like a flood (remember Pharoah) He shall lift up a standard against him'.  One can put a thousand to flight, two can put ten thousand to flight so ehere we go:

  • Annoint your children daily with prayer before they leave your home
  • Have monthly prayer vigils throughout the community on the streets and corners seeking God's Presence and angelic escorts
  • Make citizen review boards, load up City Council meetings, supervisor Meetings, School Board Meetings and demand to be heard
  • Demand foot patrol officers that are user friendly in your community
  • Circulate a weekly sheet or newletter of your community that includes known trouble spots or people
  • Never allow your children to be alone.  They should have a partner (dog) or teamate when they are at school, on the streets, social events, yes and even at church---where one goes, the other goes
  • Equip the children with the Word of God, flashlights, cell phones, pepper spray, whistles, loud alarms on their cars that they can sound
  • When there is a game or event in the community, have Fathers, church Deacons, off duty officers and volunteers every half block
  • Make certain that every area in the community is well lit and being patrolled by rotating known volunteers
  • Have coaches and other facilitators make certain that clear arrangements exist for the transport of your child
  • Notify other neighbors and parents when your child is going to the store or otherwise on foot, ask them to keep a lookout and an open ear---have checkpoints
  • Have a neighborhood watch in the community with marked cars and people that your children know and can trust
  • Ask local and retired law enforcement, parole, probation officers etc that you can trust to patrol the neighborhood and set up satellite meeting posts
  • Fight against the new open gun carry law with marches, petitions...
  • Identify known racists in the community who bully and badmouth blacks
  • Identify storeowners who dislike blacks and spend your dollars elsewhere
  • Teach children street smarts, martial arts and self-defense
  • Have local defense lawyers come in and teach the laws of self-defense

This is a battle that has always been waged, to save our youth.  We have won it before we can do it again.  We can do ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS US.



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