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The KING'S KIDS YOUTH BOOT CAMP has been in existence since May, 2006 sponsored by the Registry and Greater Love & Liberty Christian Center. It's purpose is to enrich, encourage and motivate young lives while keeping them away from violence and criminality.

The mission is to develop spiritually based future community and national leaders. Initially, the focus of the Bootcamp was upon teenagers 14-18.  The need for intervention for younger age groups became readily apparent.  Presently,  the ages range from 5-19, with the bulk landing between 12-15.2013-01-12_15.58.26








The students are taught how to determine their career interests and pursue them while being tutored in academic areas where they may be lagging behind, such as math, science and reading.

81% of Mississippi 8th graders cannot read at grade level.  85% cannot perform in math at their grade level. (Thanks to Jed Oppenheim and SPLC for the stats)  Hello! We think the economy is messed up now?  What happens when our voters, leaders, can't read or do the math????




2012-03-16_12.09.29The youth contribute to the community by hosting food and clothing distributions, barbecues and membership drives in financially challenged areas and assisting the needy/mentally challenged. 2012-07-21 09.08.4220130427_140308_3

They are also engaged in distributing tracts while witnessing for souls to be saved.


The group meets regularly on Tues-Thurs 4-7 p.m. during the entire school year,  Spring Break, Summer, Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks,  (daily noon til 5 p.m.) 20130427_141452

They have regular festivities including:

  • CollegeTours, pilgrimages to the Delta for Black History reinforcement
  • Self-Determination conferences with community activists from the Southern Poverty Leadership Conference (Jed Oppenheim and Tonga) , R.E.A.L. Solutions (Baba Lukata, Ms. Maati and D-Meeze), 2012-03-16_11.32.18ACLU with Nancy Kohsin-Kintigh, David Denney and Lyrica.
  •        They attend the Annual Jackson Youth 2 day Hip Hop Summit dealing with tolerance, civil liberties and the School to Prison Pipeline,  emphasizing avoidance of educational classifications, mental health stereotypes and alternative classes.
  •        They learn civil liberties, constitutional rights, self-esteem, hygiene, nutrition, appropriate attire, interpersonal relationships and conflict resolution through role playing.
  •         There are motivational speeches from NAACP President Greer, Magistrate Rubye Graham, Councilman  Dave Cocroft and others.
  •         The youth participate in the Youth & College Division of the NAACP of which Bishop Gardner is the Director.  They receive honors from  the NAACP for academics and community input.
  • They enjoy more than their share of pizza, parties, sleeps ins and daily Bible study.   2012-07-21_09.09.24

Kids in gym


So many issues so little funding.        2012-04-21_12.43.16





Mississippi ranks 46th in the United States per pupil spending---no wonder we are behind in national testing scores! 31% of our youth live in poverty----if you cannot eat, if there is no heat, the lights are turned can you learn? 12.8% are without health insurance and that is assuming they make it beyond the appalling 50th ranking in infant mortality. We rank first in teenage pregnancy and near that in STDs, including HIV and AIDS!!!


2012-03-16_12.19.12Our kids are more likely to die at birth.  If they survive,  poverty or the lack of health care may eventually take them out anyway.

We spend more money on incarceration than it takes to educate.  Several students can attend college and attain doctorates for what it costs to keep one locked up. 2012-03-16_12.18.53

So what should we be lobbying for?  Bread and Ed!

FUNDS WILL BE USED to increase literacy, create a computer lab,  increase the quality and number of field, especially historic and college, trips, encourage abstinence, feed and assist the children and their families with utitlities and necessities.

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to grasp this!!!



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