Combined Joint Training Field Exercise (CJTFEX) 96This is the perfect hands on manual for seasoned trial lawyers, recent graduates, law clerks,  paralegals and investigators on controlling the courtroom, your client and the environment within and without your case.

It teaches how to effectively utilize your staff... smooze hostile court staff....

Win interpreters over.  Win the game of jury selection via effective voir dire that exposes the dirty laundry and bias prospective jurors attempt to hide or camoflage.

Fight the subtle fight for nullification. Handle juvenile clients and witnesses.

Overcome sexual and racial bias on the bench. An absolute MUST read for female counsel!

How to turn a dead loser horse and pony show into a victory in jury room deliberations.

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                           WAKE UP AMERICA; YOURS KIDS ARE GOING.....

It is time for minority America to take off the blinders, unplug the MP3 players, ipods, ipads and listen up.

Yep, you heard buzz words from Southern Poverty law Center like 'Put An End to Mass Incarcerations', from ACLU, 'End the School to Prison Pipeline' and Misplaced Mental Health Classifications, Over use of In School Suspensions, Alternative Schools and Zero Tolerance.

It is more than buzz. IT IS REAL. Our kids are not going to class, not playing hookie, not hanging out in the hood or doo wopping on the corner, they are going to jail at alarming rates and just to fill quotas and some racists' notion of what 'our place should be.'

While we are cruising in our fat rides and moving on up, our progeny is headed to the Big House, Massa has created a new plantation, a foolproof way to amass wealth and keep his sons employed! The new slavery.
The latest craze is to take a child and petition for certification as an adult prior to any placement or serious adjudication. There has to be a finding that the child is not amenable to treatment, supervision or rehabilitation.  See the article on the PA judges being indicted for getting kickbacks from privatized placements.  Oh yes!  It is in your state too.  It is just not on the prosecution grid yet.

BACK UP! How do you get to prison as a juvenile with one or two misdemenanors for mutual affray fights, petty theft, a nonviolent felony, several 72 hour placements, disobedience to curfew and/or parents---what amounts to incorrigibility? Just say the child's latest offense reflects anger, aggression and that efforts by probation failed to correct the problem.

Where are the community activists,  the clergy, the leaders when these hearings are taking place? The children's names are smeared in the newspaper despite their juvenile status while the adults involved are unamed becausethey are caucasian.
Recent Case: 16 year old athlete on the way home at 3 AM New Year's morning with 2 male and 2 female friends in Crawford County, Meadeville, PA. They are indiscriminately put out by a drunken grandmother. They encounter a boisterous, drunken, white 34 year old male and his significant other hurling expletives and racials slurs at them.

The 16 year old says: Why are you going off on us, what have we done to you, we don't deserve that, you should apologize.
The white adult wants to fight. The youth visibly declines (video). The adult advances and uses a roundhouse kick, bloodying the youth's mouth, displacing his braces.

The youth insists that he does not want to fight. The adult won't stop. The youth subdues him, gets tired of being pummeled and fights back. Obvious self defense! One of the other youth kicks the adult male. They begin to leave. The 16 year old checks and sees his mouth is bloody and kicks the male also.

The companion adult calls the police and says 4 blacks are jumping them. NOT TRUE.
Both juveniles are charged with aggravated assalt, conspiracy, etc. One is adjudicated a juvenile and convicted by trial. The other is certified in a clearly racially skewed bench proceding and is now awaiting trial. SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE.  The judge, DDA and defense counsel are all former colleagues from the DA's office where the judge was their boss!!!

The felonies preclude education, diplomas, voting, athletics and their future career aspirations. Who is watching, who cares? While we fight like hell over budgets and benefits, our youth are going to hell in a handbasket. Instead of future leaders, they will be some gangstas' pantywaist in a system in which they are babies!!! BABIES will be victimized.

 UNDERLYING Message, a black never has a right, even under the law to touch a white even when the white is an adult, possible, karate afficianado AND THE AGGRESSOR.
Private prisons have documented agreements with state governors for up to 90% capacity---if the beds are not filled, they will be paid for anyway by our tax dollars! Solution, lower the arrest offense threshold, crank up the train and roll them in at a younger age.   Now that's a 'bundle' the phone company didn't think about!
Check your local DA's office stats, DOJ juvenile statistics, your local paper, your local principal....

1. end premature certifications to adult court;

2. tighten legal parameters for certification;

3. community oversight of certification;

4. gather statistics in neighborhood groups such as NAACP, PUSH, ACLU, SPLC;

5. hold local and state reps, mayors, sheriffs, police chiefs accountable or recall them;

6. march and mean it , not just on Black History or ML King Day, but whenever and wherever, Good Friday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, everyday and be heard because you organize to take action afterwards and get things DONE;

8. inform the local minority meetings and newspapers to keep the news current;

9. PRAY.

10. Have a permanent post at the courthouse or someone who is notified when a certification petition has been or is being filed.

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