It has often been stated that it takes ALL KINDS to make the world.  That's true for THE WORLD, but not so for Christianity. John 16:33; 17:25; Romans 12:2. You have to be ALL THE WAY LIVE ...not Memorex.  You must be XBOX... coming out of darkness into HIS marvelous light.  You are LINKED IN through the blood of the Precious Lamb!  The only thing that FLICKRS is your light caught in the breeze of the HOLY GHOST and He should intensify your brilliance with every INSTAGRAM OF RHEMA WORD YOU RECEIVE.  The only thing close to a TWITTER is your fervent prayer in the SPIRIT.

Many Hands raise high up

Every child of God and heir to the throne should be as secure as Esther in the palace, as Ruth with Naomi in the famine, as Peter when he was beckoned to come and walk on the water, as Moses growing up in Pharaoh's house, as David playing under the scathing breath and threatenings of Saul, as Gehazi in the drought with Elijah, as Jesus before Herod and Pilate and as Stephen before Saul who became Paul.

We can sing old school "Blessed Assurance Jesus is Mine" or new school Bishop Paul Morton "GOD said He would be with me!!! Isaiah 43:1-3; Psalms 27; Psalms 37.

We are flanked.  We are covered like the Presidential entourage with CIA and FBI and other Secret Servants.  Yet ours are known.  He has given His angels charge over us Psalms 91.  We overcome by the blood of the Lamb and our testimonies and we love not our lives unto death.  We have the fruit of the Spirit Galatians 5:22.  David said SURELY goodness and mercy shall follow me all of the days of my life and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever!!!  WE HAVE BEEN WASHED IN THE BLOOD OF THE CRUCIFIED ONE, WE'VE BEEN REDEEMED...LOVE MADE HIM DO IT!!!  NOBODY CAN RESIST THE OUTPOURING OF TRUE LOVE! WHEN THE SONS OF GOD WERE GATHERED TOGETHER satan was in the midst...nosey yes, but what was left of the original Lucifer, lux, light, wanted to be in the number, in the midst, with LOVE. GOD IS LOVE.  That's why people talk behind your back like the Pharisees did Jesus, sell you out like Judas, run game like James and John scheming, pretend you are dead and set the wheels in motion like Joseph's brethren and Nebuchadnezzar's princes did Vashti...but you SURVIVED GLORY TO GOD.




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