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Greater Love & Liberty Christian Church / KING'S KIDS YOUTH BOOTCAMP
209 Martin Luther King Dr.
Carthage, MS. 39051

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Dear Fellow Laborer of the Gospel ,
Greetings in the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord! I am Shem Nyarango from Kenya learning a christian fellowship group in Kenya-Africa,to raise the biblical standard of the family so that Godly seed can be sent throughout the world for Christ. I have just come across your website of which we have found of help to us. Through reading all the teachings we got there, kindly we pray God willing to grow with this wonderful teachings. We pray to get more teachings from you and be part of your work in accomplishing God’s great commission. We are caring for 10 orphans who needs your prayers.
Thanks Yours in Christ’s service.
Brother Shem.

Bishop Gardner says:

What an honor. Do you have a computer? I have e cards of my published books that I can send to you if you send me an address to send it to you

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